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Hydrant compliance

05 - 10 - 2019

Hydrant flow and pressure compliance

Hydrant flow and pressure compliance is mandatory.

Did you know there is a legal requirement for Property Owners or Managers to conduct Hydrant flow and pressure tests in the UK? 

Often located below ground fire hydrants can become clogged up, damaged or inaccessible. If there is a fire then this could cause a delay or reduce the ability of the fire fighters to control a fire. For this reason it is require that the Fire Hydrants on your premises are checked on a regular basis, to ensure they are accessible and can deliver high pressure water to the right location, as required by the fire service.

We provide that service to ensure hydrant flow and pressure compliance is reached and provide the necessary documentation when requested by the ‘Authority having Jurisdiction’ i.e. Building Control or the Fire Services.

Please contact us through our contact form or via email/phone to discuss your requirements.

You can read more about us, our expertise and our work here.

This document provides an information file about Wet and Dry Risers from the BAFSA (British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association). 


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