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Fire Hydrant on Ferry

26 - 02 - 2019

Hydrants seen on the Isle of White ferry

As experts who work with fire hydrants I find my eyes are drawn to them. I recently noticed these fire hydrants on the Isle of White Ferry.

All hydrants should be periodically serviced every 12 months for Pressure and Flow – as a minimum. This is vital to ensure that fire crews can connect their equipment quickly and get a suitable supply of water to fight a fire. It seems odd to require such a water supply on a ferry surround by water. But fire poses a significant risk on a ship especially a ferry where there are many passengers and evacuation is more complex than on land.

Fire crews were recently called to attend an engine room fire on the Isle of Wight Ferry in mid December 2018. This has been the third fire in 16 months on the Isle of Wight ferry. You can read more about the incidents here.

If you need your hydrants serviced and are in the UK call 0800 689 4853. We will be delighted to provide a free quote and book the work at a time most convenient for you.

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